5 Reasons you should Read The Alchemist book

5 Reasons you should Read The Alchemist book

You are Free, and You are thinking about reading a book. Well, Surprisingly you got your hand on the Alchemist book. Know You think What can be the reason for one to read this novel. Fine, We got you covered. Here are the top five reasons, about Why you should read the Alchemist?

Follow your Dreams:

The Alchemist teaches us a very precious lesson about our dreams. It teaches us how to chase them and how to overcome the difficulties that come in our way. Dreams make us motivated all the time.

Don’t be afraid of failures:

We, people, get too scared of failure that we don’t risk anything. We start listing to people. What they have to say about our loss? One will never achieve his goal if, he starts killing every Snake that comes in his way.

Every Single Experience Help:

Sometimes we don’t do the thing that we should do. When things go in your way, You gain something. When They go, you gain more valuable thing. A wise man Said:

“Take risks; If you win you will be happy

And If you lose, You will be Wise.”

This means there is no loss in taking a risk.

Learning at all stages of Life:

No Matter, What we do in our lives. There will be some experience, Some of us will love them and some of them will not. But, the thing is learning from those experience.

There is a famous saying in Islam:

“Learn from Cradle to Grave”

That means that we should not stop learning from our experiences in our life.

Don’t Give Up:

If you want to become a rich person, remove giving up word from your dictionary. Every Succesful person had the urge to quit. It is about Falling five times and standing at 6. If you want to become a successful person be patient, and be consistent.

I hope you know the reasons, why you should read the alchemist. I would love to hear from you.

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