Alif Allah aur Insaan by Qaisera Hayat PDF Download

Alif Allah Aur Insaan by Qaisera Hayat PDF Download:alif Allah aur insaan

Alif Allah or even Insaan is a superb Novel with exceptional strategy, it finds Mystic bond involving Allah (GOD) and HIS production Human.Ultimate production of the world, entire universe is concealed in the Individual Heart.Body Person an entire Mystery.Scientists and Researchers pursuit what pushes the individual body.What is soul?How body organs get the job done? Same Physical look but distinct in their character, What are feelings? Why GOD made human, what had been the intent of production, Relation of GOD and Individual? Push force of individual, qualities of individual body, feelings and individual character.
This publication discuss various emotions that it have 4 different narrative tracks each character’ve a particular connection with Allah (S.W.T).
In a nutshell this publication is an excellent food for thought for all those That Are looking for Allah(God).

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