How to earn money online in Pakistan in 2018

how to earn money online in Pakistan:

Earning money online in Pakistan is not as much harsh as we all are considering it. Some people search on the world wide web to obtain the possible methods to earn money online, but they lead to some scam websites, which are ready to hunt them immediately. Scam websites typically ask them to pay some money to them, and they’ll provide the Account that will help them to earn money on the internet, but the question is how Students Can make money in Pakistan? This is your detailed answer to several simplified procedures that are mostly used by Pakistani pupils to make extra money online. Every student whether female or male could take this article as necessary guidance if he/she wants to possess a part-time or full-time online career together with their studies. We’ll be sharing each bit of info with you in this regard.

Things you need before starting your online career:

  • You should know how to use Computer and Internet.
  • You should understand English.(Basic level)

How many ways to make money online in Pakistan:

There are dozens of ways to earn money online. But today we are going over top four methods. The top method includes:

  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Youtube
  • Forex Trading

Earning via Blogging in Pakistan :

Blogging word comes From blog. The blog is the website where a person or people write the article and upload media files like videos and images to engage a visitor. is an example of a blog.
You can make different types of blogs according to your passion or interest. Like if I am interested in news, I can make Blogs like BBC Urdu, Cnn and others.If you want to make a blog for free, you can go to and create a blog free of cost.Best of all blogging is the best method for students.

earn money online in pakistan with blogging

How you are going to get paid for blogging:


This is the essential part of blogging, how you are going to make money with blogging? We can make money by displaying Ads(advertisement) on our blog or website. We get ads from sites like Google Adsense,, and many others. We can also do affiliate marketing with and Clickbank.

Things you need to know before starting blogging:
You should never copy someone’s article. Instead, you should write your article and create everything yourself.If you are not able to write content(article) in English, you hire an article writer for the low price.

Earning via Freelancing in Pakistan without investment:

Freelancing means working for someone on the contract basis.You can earn from 5$ to 500000$ according to your skills. But you need to have a skill.Like photo editing for web designing.There is the long list of skills you can use in freelancing.You can also earn money by typing with this method. There are many platforms to start freelancing, but I am going to suggest you the easiest platform to start freelancing.

earn money online in pakistan

Here are three most prominent websites to start freelancing:


Earning via Youtube in Pakistan:

earn money online in pakistan

Just like the last method you can make thousands of dollars with this method, We get this question a lot: How can I earn money from YouTube in Pakistan? Well here is your answer. Here is a method:

    1. Make YouTube Channel
    2. Make videos and upload it to YouTube that will catch viewer attention.
    3. You are going to make money from ads showing on your videos.

YouTube provides the chances for content makers to make money and to do that all you have to do is the appeal to the viewers.Like blogging, you should not copy someone’s videos. Youtube will shut down your account if youtube found any copied video. So be careful!

Earning via Forex Trading in Pakistan:

earn money online in pakistan with forex

If You have some investments, then this method is for you. The Foreign Exchange marketplace, also called FOREX, is the global currency trading marketplace. With a daily amount of more than $5.3 trillion, it is the largest and most influential financial market in the whole world. The people on the FOREX marketplace range from substantial financial organizations, managing trillions, to individuals trading the few hundred EUROs.

Here is the detailed article on Forex Trading.

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