Farhat Ishtiaq novels and Books Pdf Download

Farhat Ishtiaq novels

Farhat Ishtiaq novels

Farhat Ishtiaq novels Pdf Download:

Hello Guys, what are u doing? We are going to share Farhat Ishtiaq novels. But before we provide you with her books list take a look at her biography.

Farhat Ishtiaq is a famous Novelist from Pakistan. She is a proud writer of 13 novels. She is renowned for his romantic and fictional writing. Humsafar novel is her best-selling novel, and it is being televised into an award-winning Drama.

She mostly writes on social issues and Regressive Society besides having a civil engineering degree from Karachi. Farhat Ishtiaq chose to become a screenwriter. She had also worked as an editor at Khawateen digest. Her claim to fame novel was Khawateen digest.

She usually writes against materialist thinking.she is also known for his romantic novels.she is also translating her books into screenwriting. Most people don’t know that Farhat Ishtiaq started writing in school age. She said, she wrote the stories and asked her friend to read them. And as Grown in age her writing skills begin to improve.

Her novels are very famous among Urdu speakers. She has exceptional writing skills. So keeping her fan following in mind we have made a list of Farhat Ishtiaq novels. This list features her top-selling and most-selling books.
Now before wasting any more time, we should proceed to the list.

These are Farhat Ishtiaq most famous novels. Don’t forget to share it on social media.

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