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Hadd Novel by Nimra Ahmed:

Hadd is a religious base novel composed by nimra Ahmed. The tale of this novel Had been extremely fascinating as it has a place with the esteem and things which are identified with the religious requests given by Allah for the different things. The Had is the account of the young lady who guaranteed to a man that she was his girl and he conceal the relationship of his and her mom frame the world so now she is here to get the piece of the property. The circumstance was exceptionally feel sorry for. Our Islam has bound us in limit(Had) and request us not to cross it and the individuals who cross it they have a discipline. This story is additionally about it. Exceptionally intriguing story Had by Nimra ahmed. The finish of the story is that the young lady was telling a lie. What’s more, when she conceded that she is phony and they all doing dramatization to trap him they got rebuffed per the standard of Islam. Finish story Had by Nimra Ahmed perused online here.

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Hadd Novel by Nimra Ahmed Pdf download


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