Ibn e Insha Books and Novels

Ibn e Insha Books and Novels

ibn e Insha Book

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We know you are here for Ibn E Insha Novels and Ibn e Insha Books , But before sharing novels, we decided to take a look at his personality.

Ibn e Insha was born in British India in 1927. His Original Name is Sher Mohammad Khan. He got his Early education in India. And At the time of partition in 1947, his family moved to Karachi. He Died in 1978 in England and buried in Karachi.

He is a famous Writer and thinker. No writer can stand taller then Ibn e Insha when it’s to humor and wit. He is known for his Humor, newspaper writing and his different way of writing travelogue. Besides his poetry and Quotes, it is believed that he the best humorist Pakistan has ever witnessed. He is a kind of writer who influenced Generations.

In Pakistan, he is considered more as a poet. He has written many famous Ghazals, but his most renowned ghazal is Insha Ji Utthoo Ab Kooch Karo. He is a man to liked and followed. In 1971 he translated many Chinese poems into Urdu.
He Written many ghazals like Inshaji uttho ab kooch karo,Kal Chaudavi ki raat thi, shab bhar raha charcha tera, Is Basti Key Ik Koochey Main, Chand Nagar, Dil-e-Wehshi, and Billo ka Basta.

He is has written some of the most famous travelogues like Awara Gard Ki Diary, Dunya Gol Hy, Ibn Battuta Kay Taqub mien, and many others.

But we should come to our point. Here is the list of the book written by Ibn e Insha:

  • Urdu Ki Akhri Kitaab
  • Chalte Ho To Cheen Ko Chaliye
  • Awara Gard Ki Diary
  • Dunya Gol Hai
  • Ibn e Battuta K Taqub Mein

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