Mata e Jaan Hai Tu Novel By Farhat Ishtaiq Pdf Download

Mata e Jaan Hai Tu

Mata e Jaan Hai Tu Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq Pdf:

Mata e Jaan Hai Tu novel is a social and romantic novel. it is written by Farhat Ishtiaq. It is a story of a Pakistani couple characterize in Urdu. It is a very famous novel in Pakistan. Later the novel was converted into the screen. And a tv drama was produced.

A young couple becomes hopelessly enamored with one another. both are studying at Columbia Uni, They wed against the desires of the man’s dad, who cuts them off from his family. A sudden spot of destiny conveys the young lady up close and personal with the boy’s folks and she attempts her best to win their hearts.she is extremely insightful and astute so she won the core of boy’s folks.

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