Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students Without Investment 2018

I have Written this article because a lot of people ask me what are the best online jobs in Pakistan for students without investment and can be done from home. So, I have compiled this article to tell you the best ways to earn money online in Pakistan.

Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students Without Investment in Urdu 2018:

Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students Without Investment

The method I am going to tell you can make your 500$ to 10000$ every month.

But Before you start You have to make sure these things:

  • You will need to be patient for first 5 to 6 months.
  • You will need to be hardworking.
  • You can understand English and you can write English.

Here is the Method:



Yes! You can make a lot of money with blogging.

here is a video to explain everything:

Here’s How to Make Money with Blogging in Pakistan:

  1. Set up your blog or
  2. Write articles that gets lots of traffic
  3. Convert visitors into your money making machine.

This Three step formula can make you a ton of money.

My Story of Earning Money Blogging:

It took me two to make my very first rupee.

Throughout this moment, I began four unique sites, working on these and on weekends. The initial three collapsed. Despite investing countless hours into every blog, I made a lot of errors, and I finally had to close down the blogs. I didn’t make a rupee out of them.

And I will not lie to you… it stinks.

Every time a site collapsed, I seriously thought of quitting. I felt as though I had been putting in all of the time and energy for nothing.

Nevertheless, it was not correct. I had been studying.

Yes, I left plenty of mistakes, however, I did not replicate them. Therefore, while those initial four sites were “failures,”everyone was nearer to victory than the past.

Together with the fourth site, everything went. I had been getting 1000 visitors every day within approximately two weeks, and I purchased it to get $10,000. That is when I knew I was on something.

From that point, I moved on to search for other large websites for a couple of decades, helping develop to what they are now.

In general, it took me years for here, but also in exchange for investing individuals eight decades, I finally have sufficient cash to support me before the day that I die.

Share What You Learned here:

Now, we arrive at the reason behind this particular

Why on earth would the CEO of this firm (me) work hours to compose a post such as this, sharing all our secrets to how to make money blogging? for God sakes!


It is my duty. If people are going to honor blogging as a legitimate business model, those people who are successful need to talk and share what we’ve discovered. None of us works in a vacuum cleaner. The only real way we can progress our field as a whole is to collectively discuss what we’ve learned.

After all, isn’t that what we’re here to perform? Help individuals?


In the long run, that is what I love about blogging: each report we publish, every course we produce, every training telephone we do could change a person’s life. Maybe not always in a significant way, however, we touch thousands upon thousands of individuals, and we make their lives just a little bit better. We notify them we inspire them, and we provide them the roadmap for achieving their dreams.

And the very best part?

We get paid for it. It is our job.

I only wish more people understood what are the best online jobs in Pakistan. Let’s change that, shall we?

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