Patras Kay Mazameen book by Patras Bukhari Pdf

Patras Kay Mazameen book by Patras Bukhari Pdf

Patras Kay Mazameen book is written by Patras Bukhari. the book contains several short and long stories. The stories are full of humor and wit. there is no match for Patras Bukhari Humor. he has treated humor with high intellect and aesthetic sense.

These stories are well written and anyone with basic knowledge of Urdu can easily read this book. although Patras Bukhari was English teacher he also had a strong grip in Urdu literature. A person should read this book who seek humor and Urdu literature.

Patras Bukhari is loved as a standout amongst other Urdu humourists and in light of current circumstances. This collections of 11 short stories are magnificently clever. Bukhari completes an incredible act of taking some dull points (like understudies’ stalling) and dressing them with his mark appeal, mind and amusingness. Likewise, his fellowship with Mirza Sahab made for some comical trades and scenes. The story, ”Marhoom Ki Yaad Mein” was one of my top choices, and I would firmly ask you to hear it out on YouTube as it is superbly described by Zia Mohiuddin.

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