Rich Dad Poor Dad Book PDf Download – Summary

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book PDf Download – Summary

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book PDf Summary:

Hello guys what are you doing? Today we are going to share rich dad poor dad pdf. This book is a Rich dad poor dad pdffinance book written by Robert Kiyosaki in 1997. In this book, Robert shares the biggest secret to become rich. According to the book, Robert has two fathers. One is Ph.D. and other is 8th grade passed. His original father is one who has a Ph.D. degree. The Robert is a University teacher and teaches a student at a very low wage. And the father who only passed 8th grade is Huawei’s richest person. He is not his father, but his friend’s father. In this book, rich dad poor dad Robert Kiyosaki tells us that our degree doesn’t make us rich. He explains, by giving the example of his father who has a Ph.d. Degree and still living a poor man life.

Secrets of getting rich:

In this book, Robert Kiyosaki tells us some secrets to become rich… But I am going to share some of these.

Getting Advise from Dads:

In Rich dad poor dad book, Robert Kiyosaki said: his Ph.D. dad always advised him to study and get a good job to become rich. But his rich dad who has only passed 8th grade told him to study, but not for the job. He asked him to study to make a company give jobs to other people. Kayosaki said that we don’t meet rich dads who can give us the advice to become an entrepreneur. But we always surrounded by poor dads who gave us the wrong advice. So we always follow successful people.

Types of investments:

There are two types of investment. Asset and liabilities. An asset is an investment that makes us money. like we buy a building and convert it into a restaurant and then the restaurant will make us money. Similarly, Liabilities are investments that don’t make us money. Like if we buy a luxury car. Firstly we have to pay for the car and then we will pay for fuel and a ton of money for car maintenance every month. So, the rule is this we should cut down the money we invest in liabilities and invest more in assets if we want to become rich.

Types of income:

After discussing assets and liabilities. know I am going to discuss the type of incomes. According to rich dad poor dad book pdf, there are two types of incomes. passive income, and active income. Passive income is money that you make every time like if you are working or sleeping. Passive income comes from assets like websites or a house on rent. now comes the active income. Active income is money that you make when you are working on it. like if you have a bakery. You will earn money only if when your bakery is open. and when your bakery is closed you will not be making a single the rule is we should always invest in businesses that will make us passive income.

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