Hamari Hub Scholarship

Hamarihub.com is providing their user’s books for years. We offer books and novels in one place, so the user doesn’t get stuck on different websites. We write articles like famous Urdu novels or The Alchemist review.

After serving our readers with books, we decided to do something bigger. So we announced Hamari Hub scholarship.

We Know college and universities are the way for students to achieve something. We are filling the gap between education and skilled student.

So we started 1000$ scholarship program for deserving students.

The scholarship can be available to all the postgraduate and undergraduate college students. The scholarship program will start from the 25 January 2019.

How to Apply for the Scholarship Program:

First, Write 350-500 words lengthy article on “What are the benefits of reading books“. You can write a longer article if you want.

And send it to scholarship@hamarihub.com in a .txt or.Pdf file.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Your full name and contact details.
  • Name of your institute.
  • Your area of study.
  • Any social media Profile link.
  • The article can be submitted as.PDF or.Txt file.
  • The article must be complete and in the proper format.
  • The deadline for the article submission is 7th December 2019.
The declaration of the winner will be on 25 Dec 2019.

Scholarship $1000 will be given to the winner and sent to the winner’s institute.

Best Of luck for all the students who compete in the Hamarihub scholarship program!