The alchemist book PDF and The Alchemist book Review – Summary

The alchemist book PDF and The Alchemist book Review – Summary

the alchemist

The alchemist book PDF and The Alchemist book Review:

Today we are taking a look at The Alchemist book By Paulo Coelho. The Alchemist book is a story of a young boy Santiago, Who has a dream. You can check the price of The Alchemist on Amazon and Ebook link is at the end of the post.

Summary of The Alchemist book PDF:

Santiago, a simple Andalusian shepherd, was fond of traveling and visiting new places and so he reached Tarifa. A small city in Spain, There he met an old gypsy lady. He asked her about the revelation of his dream that he saw last night under the sycamore tree, in a ruined church. It was the second time he saw that very dream.

Upon asked by the gypsy woman, Santiago told he dreamt, a child was playing with his flock, and suddenly child took his both hands and took him to the Pyramids of Egypt. She told him if you come here you would find a treasure. But just before the child could pinpoint the location of the treasure, I woke. Gypsian lady made him promise to give her one 10th of that treasure. She told him the interpretation the boy already knew, that was to go to Egypt and there he will find treasure.

Disappointed and irritated, Santiago went to the market to eat and trade his book with a thicker one. He met with an old man, Melchizedek the king of Salem and said if a boy gives him one-tenth of his flock of sheep he would help him to find his treasure. Melchizedek gave him two stone Urim and Thummim and told him not to forget the language of omens, and whatever may follow your destiny.

Tangier a city in Africa that was his first destination to find the hidden treasure and his legend, but here he was deceived a by a cheater and lost him all money. But then guided by the Urim and Thummim he found a job in the shop of a crystal merchant, and there he learned Arabic language, Santiago also gave some ideas to crystal merchant to improve his business.

Within 11 months he saved enough money by which he could go back to Spain and bought a bigger flock of sheep. But he decided to fulfill his destiny and joined a caravan to go to which was heading to Egypt. There he met with an Englishman who was also following his dream to be an alchemist, to turn Martials into gold and wanted to meet an old chemist who was living in an Oasis called Al-Fayoum. Traveled with the caravan, to reach the Oasis they crossed the desert, full of the harshness of sun and fearfulness of the robbers.

Santiago and Englishman talked about many things and Santiago also took some book form English man that was difficult and full of coded words but when Englishman asked the boy what he learned from books he replied, this universe has a soul and whoever understands the soul could understand the world.

Al-Fayoum is the place where Santiago met his true love, a girl named Fatima and she told them about the alchemist and his where about.

Englishman was disappointed by the answer he got from the alchemist. When he enquire him about how to turn lead into gold and alchemist told him, he should continue his work. But Santiago, one night got a vision about the invasion of the Oasis by the rival tribe, and he told his vision to the chieftain of the Al-Fayum, that lead Santiago to meet with alchemist face to face.

Alchemist offered Santiago his help to find treasure. He taught him many things to understand the soul of the universe like “When you possess great treasures within you and try to tell others of them. Seldom are you believed, and your eyes show the strength of your soul. Santiago also learned how to communicate to the soul of the universe. He finally got a connection between himself and the soul of the world by talking to desert and wind while. They were captive of a cannibalistic tribe who took them as a spy. But the head of the tribesmen was inspired by Santiago’s power, and he escorted them.

After traveling some time they reached near a Coptic monastery. Here alchemists turned lead into gold and gave one piece to Santiago and two pieces to a monk for his generosity and said to the boy that beyond this point you are on your own.
Alchemist told him great word by telling him a story and saying him that, “No matter what he does, every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world. And normally he doesn’t know it.”

After riding for several hours, the boy finally reached. The place where he had his first glimpse of the Pyramids of Egypt. he was mesmerized, and he could not help weeping, and his tears drop. Were on the dune, where he dug for the whole night for treasure, but at dawn instead of treasure, some robbers came there. Enquired about his digging, and bashed him and beat to bleeding and took his piece of gold that was given to him by the alchemist.

Finally, Santiago told them that he is perusing his dream about the treasure in the foot of Pyramids of Egypt.

The leader of the men laughed and told him some year ago. At the same place, he had a recurrent dream in which somebody told him to go to Spain. There is a ruined church with a shepherd and his flock of sheep, and beneath the sycamore tree you will find the treasure but, I am not foolish like you.

A light sparked to Santiago’s mind, and he now knows that where the treasure was hidden.

Before the dusk boy reached that ruined church with a shovel and start digging the root of sycamore tree where he saw that dream of child playing with his flock, and finally found the treasure, “the first thought in his mind was about his true love Fatima with the whisper, “Fatima I am coming”.


If someone struggles hard to fulfill his dreams, the whole universe comes to his aid, and relentless and restless efforts are exorable.

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