Unlimited Memory by Kevin Korsley Review and Pdf

Unlimited Memory by Kevin Korsley Review and Pdf

Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley Summary:

Have you ever wanted that you could improve your memory? Whether it remembering the new people that you meet, names or just where you put your car keys. We all struggle with our memories, and I’m probably one of the more severe cases. My wife loves kidding with me saying that I would forget my pants If they weren’t attached to me. So, I decided that I had to do something about this and that’s why I picked this book Unlimited Memory.

who better to learn from a South African who holds the world record for memorizing the first 10,000 digits of pi. also got the award as one of the first five people ever to be recognized as an international memory Grand Master.

But before you say something like oh yeah sure this guy can do it. Because genius Kevin was labeled as dyslexia at school and he struggled his way through school. Struggling with basic reading and trying to memorize even small things. It’s only after school that Kevin decided to start working on his mind to train his memory.
As he puts it.
“you need to stop believing your limiting beliefs about memory.”

If you keep doing the same things you were going to get what you’ve always gotten. You need to do different to get different, so how do you improve your memory.

Well, the first thing you need to do is to change your limiting beliefs and alter that there are a few simple techniques. That you can practice to give yourself a super memory. The basic idea behind this is that it’s a lot easier for us to remember funny pictures or places. That we know very well instead of trying to repeat something over and over and over trying to memorize it.

Memory is directly linked to creativity. Now Kevin says that lots of people talent but I’m not creative I can’t do this. All he here is when somebody says this is “I don’t want to put in the effort to learn if you choose to believe in limits you’re going to live a limited life.” So how does this work?

Well, that’s where the creativity comes in you have to convert things that you want to remember into very memorable images or pictures in your mind. for example if you want to remember Washington you can imagine yourself washing a tin. That’s an easy way to remember it or if you want to remember that can be is the capital of Australia. You can imagine a kangaroo representing Australia. Eating a can of berries for Canberra and that’s a million times easier than going in your head saying Canberra Canberra Canberra over and over trying to remember it.

So that’s all that it takes is a little bit of practice learning how to convert things. For that, you need to remember or concepts into pictures that are easy to remember. Then if you need to start remembering a lot of things, you start using the basic memory formula of long-term memory plus short-term memory equals medium-term memory. And all that means is that you start using places that you’d know well, like your car or your house or even a shopping mall and you place these items throughout the places that you know very well.

So you’d imagine yourself walking through your house and seeing yourself washing. The can in the kitchen and then it kangaroo in the living room eating a can of berries. This is a lot easier to remember than trying to remember everything in order and memorizing and repeating it over and over. this way you just walk through your house, and you remember the different things in order in the different places.
Now there are lots of different memory techniques that are explained in this book that’s very practical. there aew specific ways to remember numbers, a specific way to memorize a deck of cards and even a specific way to remember people’s names.
I hope you liked this article. and you’re thinking a little bit differently about memory offer this I know I’ve definitely changed my mind it turns out that memory is a learnable skill just like everything else. and you’re not born with it.

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