Zavia book Pdf by Ashfaq Ahmed | Zavia novel By Ashfaq Ahmed

zavia book and novel

zavia book and novel

Zavia book Pdf or Zavia Novel Pdf by Ashfaq Ahmed:

Ashfaq Ahmed writes Zavia book pdf. Ashfaq Ahmed is a great novelist from Pakistan and has written my novels. He is famous for his quotations and Aqwal e Zareen.

In this novel writer Draw our attention to a point, That we think buying a big car or big house will make us happy. But, the reality is different. Happiness is in doing simple things (like helping others). We will find satisfaction only when we will do thing According to God’s will.

Writer Ashfaq Ahmed talk about the relation between Allah and man. He tells us if a man loves Allah, He will do the thing that will not disappoint Allah. The connection gets stronger when man learns to love Allah.

This book is for people who are finding the secret behind happiness and willing to spend the time to get comfortable in their life. May Allah gives Ashfaq Ahmed highest Rank in Jannah(Ameen).

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