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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Novel By Umera Ahmed PDF Download:

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Today we are taking a look at Zindagi Gulzar Hai Novel By Umera Ahmed

Kashaf comes out of a lower-middle-class family and resides with her mum Rafia along with her 2 Zindagi-Gulzar-Hay-by-Umaira-Ahmedsisters, equally Sidra and Shehnila (Sana Sarfaraz). Rafia was left with her husband Murtaza because she did not give birth to your kid.

Rafia functions since the main of a college, and Trainers children along with her daughters from the afternoon to make ends meet. They initially don’t get along with every other especially due to Zaroon’s envy of the out-performing him a match before afterward. But, later Zaroon tries to patch along with her attempts are rebuffed. Afterwards upon over-hearing Zaroon saying he was only trying to become favorable as a struggle and to snare Kashaf and minding her image, Kashaf starts bothering him. Osama meanwhile is revealed to honor Kashaf’s attributes and also shield her, telling Zaroon he had been the sole.

Zaroon’s family is made up of his older and individual dad, Junaid and separate functioning mother, Ghazala Junaid and sister Sara, that gets the exact same qualities like her mom. Zaroon’s set of close friends is made up of Asmara and Osama. Their households create them participated but because of irreconcilable differences they violate the participation. Zaroon says several occasions that his ideal wife might have qualities situated in Kashaf.

Having developed over Zaroon again makes efforts at friendship only to be turned down as Kashaf believes him to be precisely the same flirtatious and reckless man just as before. Osama indicates to Kashaf, however, she hears it. Afterwards Zaroon talks with Sir Abrar, who’d become the faculty leader in addition to a mentor to Kashaf, also Zaroon’s buddy. Zaroon admits to him that he would like to marry Kashaf and asks him to speak to Kashaf on his own advantage. She chooses his suggestion and they get engaged and married. After the marriage, Zaroon also determines the fantastic connection with Kashaf’s household.

Afterwards Zaroon and Kashaf possess a struggle as it pertains to understand about Osama’s proposal. They reconcile if they discover that Kashaf isn’t pregnant. Later, Kashaf discovers that Zaroon is covertly connected with Asmara. Assuming that Zaroon is having an intimate affair with Asmara, ” she renders his house and returns to get her mother’s house. She starts overlooking Zaroon and afterwards fantasies that Zaroon has divorced. Kashaf realizes that she is in love with Zaroon and wishes to come back to him calls Zaroon the specific same night to inform him that they are having twin brothers. He awakens the exact same night to meet with her and they all succeed.

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