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zong internet packages

zong internet packages
Zong Internet Packages

Are you looking for Zong internet packages? Then you are at right place. Today we are going to share the Zong 2g/3g and 4g internet packages. Let’s talk about Zong also known as china mobile communication corporation is the best internet service provider in Pakistan. It is listed at the top position for best internet and voice service in Pakistan by PTA(Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). Zong has 260 LAKHs users all over Pakistan, and it is continuously growing over the years. Zong share in Pakistan is Almost 20%, which are pretty good stats. These days Zong 4g is running in almost 100 cities of Pakistan, and they are extending there 4g service day by day.
Last year, Zong introduced its Q1, 2017 overall performance results in addition to its plans for 2017. At the same time as comparing results with Q1, 2016; Zong has noticeable an incredible increase of more than 30% while outpacing another operator for its GSM enterprise. Its 4G subscribers have grown using 396% from June final year taking its 4G market percentage to 75%, the overall range of websites upgraded to 4G is eighty percent, to be a hundred percent at the stop of the yr protecting greater than 300 towns of Pakistan. This makes Zong the only operator with the most number of sites in Pakistan.

Zong Internet packages are one of the most affordable packages in Pakistan. Today we are sharing monthly, weekly and daily internet packages. Prices of all packages are written in the list.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

There are two packages available in Zong daily internet packages list. And the name of these packages are:
Daily Basic
Daily Premium
U can use these offers 24/7 Here is the method of subscription or unsubscription.

TypePriceVolumeHow to Subscribe
Daily BasicRs. 15100 MBDial *6464#
Daily PremiumRs. 35500 MBDial *6464#

If you want to unsubscribe the package, then the method will be same. After dialing *6464# select second option for unsubscription.

Zong Day Time Offer (LIMITED)

This is another Zong daily packages, but it is limited one.U can only use this packages from 4 am To 4pm.the benefit of this package is that it provides 1gb data. Here is the method for sub or unsub.

TypePriceVolumeHow to Subscribe
Zong Day Time (4am to 4pm)Rs. 121GBSMS “dto” to 6464

how to unsub this offer?
SMS “unsub dto” to 6464

Zong Night Internet Packages

Zong is providing Zong night internet package limited from 1 to 9 am. The benefit of this package is that they are offering 2gb of data.

TypePriceVolumeHow to Subscribe
GN (1am to 9am)Rs. 122GBSMS “gno” to 6464

How to unsubscribe this offer?

SMS “unsub gno” to 6464

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

In Zong Weekly Internet Packages list zong offers four packages:’
Weekly Premium
Super Weekly
Super Weekly Plus
Mega Weekly Offer
Here are the detail Volume and How to Subscribe.

TypePriceVolumeHow to Subscribe
Weekly PremiumRs. 70700MBDial *6464#
Super WeeklyRs. 1002GBDial *6464#
Super Weekly PlusRs. 1203GBDial *6464#
Mega Weekly OfferRs. 1604GBDial *6464#

To check remaining MBs type *102#.

Zong Shandaar Weekly offer

Shandaar Weekly offer let the user enjoy 500 MBs of the lightning-fast internet, five hundred Zong to Zong minutes, five hundred SMS and forty other network minutes.

TypePriceVolumeHow to Subscribe
Zong Shandaar WeeklyRs. 75350dial *7#
Additional1000 On-Net Minutes50 Off-Net Minute1000

SMS to All Networks

Zong Monthly Internet Package

There are five packages offered by zong in zong monthly internet category. These Monthly internet packages range from 150MBd to 10GBs(10000mbs). Detail of these packages is written below.

TypePriceVolumeHow to Subscribe
Monthly Mini 150Rs. 50150MBDial *6464#
Monthly Basic 500Rs. 150500MBDial *6464#
Monthly Premium 2GBRs. 3002GBDial *6464#
Monthly Premium 6GBRs. 6006GB + free nights (1GB FUP) 1am to 9am/DailyDial *6464#
Monthly Premium 10GBRs. 1,80010GBDial *6464#

Zong Prepaid All in One internet Package

In zong prepaid internet category zong offers four packages Ranging from daily to monthly. These packages include zong to zong minutes, zong to others minutes and Sms bundle and obviously data bundles. The detail of Zong Prepaid All in One internet Package is given below

TypePriceVolumeOther Incentives
All-In-1 DailyRs. 2040 MB40 Mins(on-net), 4 Mins(off-net), 400 SMS
Haftawar Load OfferRs. 2501500 MB1500 Mins(on-net), 100 Mins(off-net), 1500 SMS
All-In-1 WeeklyRs. 150500 MB500 Mins(on-net), 40 Mins(off-net), 500 SMS
All-In-1 MonthlyRs. 5001500 MB1500 Mins(on-net), 150 Mins(off-net), 1500 SMS

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages

As in prepaid category, zong offers a lot of packages in zong Postpaid internet packages category. These offers range from 150MBs to 20GBs.the details of these internet packages is mentioned below.

Monthly Mini – 150 MBRs.50150 MBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Monthly Basic – 500 MBRs.150500 MBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Monthly Premium – 1GBRs.2501 GBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Monthly Premium – 2GBRs.3502 GBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Monthly Premium – 4GBRs.5004 GBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Monthly Premium – 10GBRs.180010 GBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Monthly Premium Plus- 20 GBRs.350020 GBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Basic Add onRs.10100 MBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#

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Zong Free Package for Facebook

Zong provides facebook flex features to its users that allow the users to choose between data bundle or free facebook. Using this feature we can use Facebook whenever we want without having any internet balance or data bundle.
A user can use Facebook like images and share photos. This feature is originally proposed by Facebook itself.

Pros and Cons of this Features:


  • It lets you connect the world whenever you want without any cost.
  • You don’t need to have and data bundle to use this feature.
  • This Feature let you share like and comment on other timelines.


  • You can see only text data using this feature.
  • You cannot a video.
  • The speed of Facebook will be little slow.

Zong super internet bundle

Zong has specially designed this package to meet the needs of every individual and student. There is only one package available in this category. This bundle helps the student to connect their family and their fellows whenever they want. The detail of this package is given below.

Super Student BundleRs. 5 + tax30 MB2 hours

 Zong Social internet bundle

Zong of this Package for the social media enthusiasts. These packages are specially made for social media apps like Facebook Twitter Instagram and WhatsApp. These packages are only valid for one day. The price of these packages is ranging from rupees 2 to 15. The detail of these packages is given below.

Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter)Rs. 10100MB1 Day
Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi)Rs. 550MB1 Day
Facebook DailyRs. 550MB1 Day
Whatsapp DailyRs. 15300MB1 Day
Twitter DailyRs. 220MB1 Day

Zong 4G internet Sim bundles

Zong has specially designed internet sim for their internet enthusiast. They are many packages that came along with the sim. Just inserting the sim into the phone we can start browsing the internet. You can buy the sim on any nearest franchise.

BundleVolume (GB)PriceValidity
3GB – 1 Month Bundle35001 Month
10GB – 1 Month Bundle108001 Month
24GB – 1 Month Bundle2415001 Month
50GB – 1 Month Bundle5025001 Month
3 Month Bundle3GB/Month1,0003 Months
3 Month Bundle10GB/Month1,8003 Months
Day Time Offer (DTO)1GB/Day From 9am to 4pm500As Per Bundle
Good Night Offer (GNO)1GB/Night200As Per Bundle

How to Activate Zong Internet Packages?
We can subscribe daily, weekly and monthly packages by just using this code (*6464#) using this code you will get a list of internet bundles. you can choose any Zong Internet Packages bundle according to your need.

China Mobile’s Zong Internet Packages is offering a very impressive internet speed while they are providing a bit less data bundle as compared to other operators.

If we missed anything related to Zong Internet Packages comment below.

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